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A few rad dudes trying to get better at yoyoing, while sharing our thoughts and progress along the way.

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How much can a toy improve your life?
Your well being? Your sense of clarity?

About 8 years ago I got into yoyoing. At the time I was living with a friend and coworker who threw a yoyo like nothing I had ever seen. He was a complex guy. Someone who had demons to deal with (as we all do) but whenever he picked up his yoyo he just got in the zone and it helped him. He put it in my hands and showed me how to land a trapeze, and I found a certain peace in it. It was almost meditative, but with tangible results. I could play with a toy, and actually see myself getting better, and feel a sense of calm when doing it.

Then I stopped. Life got busy. I had a couple of yoyo’s, but rarely picked one up outside of someone seeing it and asking if I could do any tricks. I would grab the yoyo, land a few eli hops, put the yoyo back to gather dust.

I stopped looking up new tricks, I stopped pushing myself.

I was never that good to begin with. I could land a few “intermediate” tricks, skin the gerbil, split the atom, that kind of stuff. I just hit a physical plateau, and never continued.

A lot has happened since then. I opened my own business, I got engaged, I got so caught up in the daily grind that I rarely took any time each day to do something that was just for me. Can I change that with making it a point to throw a yoyo every day?

The opening purpose of this blog is two-fold. First, I want to see how much I can better myself by pushing myself everyday. I want quantifiable results to my hard work. What better skill to practice those on than one that brought me so much joy and peace?

Second, I want to see if I can commit to something, and become a better person because of it. I want to see how effective yoyoing is in bringing me the peace and clarity that it did many years ago.

I am bringing some friends along for this ride, so expect to see content from them. The first is the guy who taught me how to yoyo. Drew Collins.

Drew is a tattooer in North Carolina now, but he still throws when he is not raising his family or making people beautiful. He will certainly bring all the yoyo skills to the table.

The second is my good friend Teddy Mauch. Teddy is an intermediate level yoyoer like myself, though likely a good bit better. He also plays in a popular local rock band called False Tongues. He throws pretty often as well, when he isn’t destroying everyone in trivia or pool.

There may be more. Do you have something to say about what yoyoing has done for you? Let us know.

We are going to push ourselves by going through a 30 day yoyoing challenge. We are going to carry our favorite “every day throw” everywhere with us for 30 days straight. We are going to commit to throwing every day for 30 days straight. We are all picking tricks that have always eluded us, and trying to get them down within that 30 days.

All of our efforts will be documented on our personal instagram pages, as well as here. Be sure to check back and see how things are progressing.

I am going to start this week to shake the rust off, take some pictures, and get a handle on how this blogging software works. From there the (bad but hopefully improving) videos and writing will start. I hope you are as ready as I am.




2855I wear a lot of hats.

Everyday of my life is long and fulfilling. I’m a father, a boyfriend, a business owner, a tattoo artist, a student of life and countless other things; but, above all those, I’m a yoyo player. Yoyoing was my first life love, my first obsession, the first thing that truly challenged me. I will never forget being 10 years old and seeing my cousin doing a “brain twister” with a Spintastics Tornado, it changed the course of my life.

That day was 20 years ago, I have been yoyoing ever since. There have been breaks here and there, my life got really dark and terribly hard for a very long time, but I always progressed as a player. Even when everything around me was totally fucked, I always had that one aspect of my life in my control. The spin of a yoyo brought a level of zen and order to the chaos around me, something I could not understand at the time. In hindsight, yoyoing was probably the only thing holding me together mentally through those times.

When Aaron approached me about about this project, I thought it was a great idea. Maybe we will find something in this journey, maybe not, at least we will be yoyoing and that is never a bad thing.

-drew collins


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